2017-2018 Academic Year


British Cinema of the 1960s

General Sources on British Society, Politics, and Cinema of the1960s



Look Back in Anger

(Tony Richardson, 1959)




 Taste of Honey

(Tony Richardson, 1961)




I'm All Right Jack

(John Boulting, 1959)




The Angry Silence

(Guy Green, 1960)





(Basil Dearden, 1961)




The Servant

(Joseph Losey, 1963)




Billy Liar

(John Schlesinger, 1963)





(John Schlesinger, 1965)




Room at the Top

(Jack Clayton, 1959)




Life at the Top

(Ted Kotcheff, 1965)




Georgy Girl

(Silvio Narizzano, 1966)




Absolute Beginners

(Julien Temple, 1986)